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Director Michael Huey Art by me
Support this and my other comics and art on Patreon :iconpatreonplz:

If you want to read free mini streetfighter comics go on on
Where the Creator Sean Anderson and a couple of artists including myself have published over 300 pages of free mini comics!
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fartsmells Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016
Half a year late but just caught up enjoying your beautiful art work.

I also expected her to vomit way more blood, given the amount that she vomited in page 5! But in any case loving it!

I understand gore is just the icing on the cake for you, but anything more like this coming up soon? it'd be great if we can see chun-li vomiting more and more blood after a few devastating punches in her stomach.
Tree-ink Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Michael Huey(writer /director):
Thank you for the comments. I'm glad you've enjoyed it.
Yeah, you would think that after taking multiple punishing hits to her stomach (and a shoryuken on top of that), she would be vomiting more blood. All those hits would do major damage to your insides, just imagine how poor Chun-Li's feeling. We'll definitely remember that for next time. Thank you.
Is there more coming up? Well, we'll see. We are currently working on a Chun-li comic, in which she will engage in multiple fights. She'll not only dish out some punishment, but will take quite a few herself. We've just finished page 9 of our comic, working on page 10 right now, so we still have quite a way to go before we're finished. But we promise our comic is gonna have that intense action, fights, and heart that Street Fighter is known for.
Will there be blood? More vomiting? More punishment from Chun-Li? We'll see. But we're excited to raise the bar from our previous comic.
If there is a certain drawing you would like to see, we are open for commissions. just shoot us (or Tree-Ink) a message for more details.

Treeink (artist):
Working hard to make the new comic better
Chun-Li-Forever Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2016
Wow,just wow.
- i it's like every hit chunli takes to the stomach just seems to get more powerful and more brutal. look how deep that fist goes. and look, it's already bruising red too. imagine how her body's gonna lookafter this. im surprised ryu hasn't punched a hole right through her. love the hit, love her reaction even more.
-oh, the the one right under that, now that is how you finish a fight. the ground cracking from under her. how far was that fall? it must've really hurt because it's got poor chunli (there i go againn) vomiting all over again.
- I will admit i am surprised of it's color. Grossed out that i'm talking of puke now. ew. but there are some color inconsistencies. it was brownish-red in 3, blood in 5, but now it's like darkbrown and green with this. i thought it would be more brown like 3 but have way more blood. i mean if there was anything left in poor chunli's stomach in this fight, there isnt any now. but the expression on her face sez it all. i loved how her internal contents just exploded out of her with mouth. and the blood smearing down her chin, love it.
-i loved all oyour panels due to it's brutal physical violence, it's emotional moments, and dark grittyfeelings. but if there is one panel out of everyone inthe entire comc that is my favorte, it has to be the last panel of the page where chunny is laying on her side in agonizing defeat. it is the perfect image of chunli defeated. first off, that reflection in the puddle shes laying in. oh my god, how did you do that? that justlookssoamazing. her body  just looks broken, and you can tell from the pose where she's hurt the most, where she took the most dammage. her face is a gorgeous/perfect combination of a painful expression and crying from agony. oh the i love how that vomit and blood she puked in the previous pannnel is on her vest. exccccellnt job with the details, all her bruises and blood still look like they were suffered from previous hits. i could talk forever on this, but i still have two more pages to write about.
Tree-ink Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
The color of the vomit lo xD maybe she had something green ?
lol my bad, I wanted to rugh in al honesty.
thank you so much for your observations!

Ill keep adding sf art if youre a fan :)
why? because I gotta
Feedback is important and wether god or bad its still a cry from fans saynig we want more, and we want it this way.
L-MASTER Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
seran personajes de Street Fighter pero esto clasifica para Mortal Kombat O_O
Tree-ink Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
jajaj si xD 
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