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Director Michael Huey Art by me
Support this and my other comics and art on Patreon :iconpatreonplz:
If you want to read free mini streetfighter comics go on on
Where the Creator Sean Anderson and a couple of artists including myself have published over 300 pages of free mini comics!
Give us your support by reading them and sharing! :D
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Gwend-Noriko-B Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2016
Very nice comic, even if I don't like Street Fighter, it's a very good fanart of this !
Tree-ink Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Haha Thanks!!
Chun-Li-Forever Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2016
more comments. hope u r ennjoing them. may they inspire and enpower u to become better artist.
- you drew these right? you not the writer? cause i do have one criticism with him on this page. there is too much white space, which makes the text a little more distracting than the art. the words need to spread out, but there is too much white space. that coud be used to make a bigger picture or big speach.
- love chunli's face taking the shoryuken in first panel. but dont you think adding tears in her eyes make it a little more dramatic? this move could kill her. how devastated must she been feelin. my suggestion. but beatutiful.
-OOOOOHH! now i see why i love this costume. i always loved her classic outfit. l love her new alternate in ultra street fight iv and street fighter 5. but now i see thReason why this costume works. you see the damage evil ryu has done to her body. the bruises, the blood, the messed up hair, i even see a couple scrapes and marks on her arms and legs. if she was in her clasic outfit, we woudhave seen blood and tattered clothes. which is great. but believe me, i think that seeing the actualy bruises, the marks, the body damage is more impactful emotionally than tattered clothes. 

more pages? more comments. keep checking
Tree-ink Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for all the comments, it helps, Most times I feel im just drawing for my boss.. and thats perfectly fine!

Hes awesome
We are using Black background so the panels are easier to read specially in a computer.
Its the Dark age of comics I guess.
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March 11, 2016
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